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 Naruto game (my game)

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PostSubject: Naruto game (my game)   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:05 pm

Hi people.
How i told for everybody, i`m making a naruto game.
Its on portuguese and i will make in english too. But my english is not of the best, so i need some help.

Someone can retipe this for me?


Well, i will talk a little about the game, and tomorow i post more.
Its a card game, here a exemple of a card. (this is one of 3 the starter card of all players on game).

Well, let me talk a little about the game.

What is Naruto game?

Naruto Cards is a click game. Here, for you become more strong, you need more clicks on your ninja cards.
Everyone can click one time per day in one ninja. If some player or some person away from the game (frieds for exemple ) click, you gain 1 click point.

Click points? What are you talking about?

Well, click points is the same of experience points of another games,(XP) So, when you reach the Click points needed to up one level, your ninja cards upgrade. Many times the picture of your cards change too.

How can i play?

You need make a account on the game ...
and enter on sector "starter". You will have to chose one of the 3 possibility genin cards for start the game.

Why click on another person cards?

You must be thinking now. " why i will click and make my opponets on the game more strong? ".
Well, there is a good answer for this. Every time you click on someone cards, you gain 10 ryos. It can look not so much, but there is 2 ways for make money here. The first is click on cards, and another one is making quests.

I gain ryos click in my card?

Yes! You gain 30 ryos when you click in your own card.

why my card is more tiny than the normal?

The idea is you post you BBCODE of your card in foruns and social community for random people click and help you a little. So the image is 50% tiny, for dont ocupate much space on pages. Look exemple :

Game Image

Real image

The real image of all cards and your upgrades can be view on "cards list"

How many ninja cards can i have?

How many you want, but just 5 can enter on a battle.

Can i have 5 Kage on my team?

Yes you can, but Kage is extreamaly expencive, so you will take so much time to have 5 Kage. You with 2 Kages, will lose for a 4 Chunin and 1 jonin team probably. You will see why later.

Whats is the mission?

There is a list of mission for you chose to make. Its divided in Rank D, Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, and Rank S. You will gain some ryos, click points, or maybe a promocode for a rare card ninja.

How many mission can i make per day?

You can try make just 3 mission per day, for this send me a pm telling :
What mission you will do
What team you will use.
What attack each ninja will do
Wait for my answer, you will be notify the results.
Look more on the battle rules

How the battle works?

I will put a picture tutorial later!!!

First of all, i'm thinking about the pvp mode. I dont know how many PVP battles each player can take. Maybe PVP will be open just for tornamentes. Well i'm thinking about it.

Well, you can have 5 ninja cards on your team, of all kinds. 3 genin and 2 chunin, 3 chunin 1 junin and 1 kage, or 5 kage if you can.
So when you enter on a battle you chose yours ninja positions, it can be all position you want, exemple :


Or for the same team;

You chose what you want.

So you chose the attacks of all ninjas. You chose just one of the listed by your card, and send me a PM. The Genin Cards, and weak Chunin have just one attack, but Epic Cards and Kages can have 4 attacks for you chose. So, it give you a lot of estrategy.

I will give a exemple of how it will be. You will send me something like this :

Naruto Chunin - 2
Pain Kage - 3
Ino Chunin - 1
Itachi Jounin -2

So i will know that your team order is naruto, pain, ino, itachi, and the attack used will be 2 for naruto, 3 for pain, 1 for ino and 2 for itachi.

OK OK OK. And now?


If its a PVP, you and your opponent need send me a PM like this.

So i will make the fight. look how its work.

Your Card Ninja 1 X Opponent Card Ninja 1

Your Card Ninja 2 X Opponent Card Ninja 2

Your Card Ninja 3 X Opponent Card Ninja 3


I will finish this later.

no what ?

Well, if someone can help me, pls retipe this with the correct gramatic.

Dark, i need talk with you.

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto game (my game)   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:46 pm

I dont like idea to sending links on cards to every my friend every game to get just clicks(xp).
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto game (my game)   Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:04 am

very nice id like to see the website :P

good job mate. Neutral


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PostSubject: Re: Naruto game (my game)   

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Naruto game (my game)
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