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 Complete Guide for the Camper.

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PostSubject: Complete Guide for the Camper.   Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:20 am

I. what is a camper? 1.1
II. Types of campers 1.2
III. Best Summons 2.2
IV. Constructing your team.
V. All about becoming a Kage camping.
VI. Baiting for summon exp.
VII. Sneak Attaking.
VIII.Equiping your team.
IX. hunting apoc zodiac or biijuu Items
X. Why camp or why not to?

what is a camper?
Camper is a person who has chosen to stay in bigginer
using their resources and taking advantage of the stuff its given to excell faster than having to wait months to progress.

in theory campers are made to war purposes and for fun.

  • Types of campers

-Exp Gatherers
-Ryo farmers
-Item hunters
-Low rank
-Kage Position

They are different types of Campers you got to have in mind that in order to be a really good one you have to know your weaknesses and strengths

some campers will develop different styles or mix them.


  • Missloting



they use nindaime missloted this style was first introduced by beta team .
the idea is to create a wall and disrupt the enemy's lineup
by using this they are actually getting a lot of power using kats complements it or any other summon. imo is a good idea very handy in terms of getting rid of the starter gennin or the 350gennins.

  • Manda style


kodai's team


they are very few manda style team in top ranks for one reason. manda takes alot of planing to level and to create bait. manda is very anoying at low levels and sometimes extremely hard to level at mid levels.
for the reason that it gives good damage but not so good -stamina.
how manda works is strange it atracts people to challenge you but will also scare people. why? your ninjas will die for having negative stamina(-1) for example i might have a lv 100 FN itachi.
he might be super strong and might kill and entire team.but the good about manda is that it make this ninja die at the 3,4,5 th turn. for damage reduction. hence manda players will profit from progression teams. the more level u gain the better to bait, also manda cna make your team super weak vs elements wich is a good thing because u can atract hundreds of challanges with the right elements like aenonar was doing to get more exp (making his entire team of water ele)

  • Exp Gatherers


Valkire of death

pretty simple. never loose. in order to go after levels and rank points you rarely accept any challenge and send challanges to weak teams only or teams you know you will win. what is the point of this? this is for pure fun.


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Complete Guide for the Camper.
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