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 Complete Guide for a Camper!

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PostSubject: Complete Guide for a Camper!   Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:19 pm


1. What is a Camper?
2. Types of Campers.
3. Best Summons to use.
4. Constructing your team.
5. Hunting Legendary Weapons

1.What is a camper?
A Camper is a person/team who has chosen to stay on beginner to either become: Kage, Useful for Clan wars or just for fun and to increase their knowledge about the game

2. Types of campers

- Missloting
- Manda
- Exp Gatherers
- Immunity Campers
- Critical Campers
- Reroll Campers
- Bronze Campers
- Gold Campers

They are different types of Campers you got to have in mind that in order to be a really good one you have to know your weaknesses and strengths

Some campers will develop different styles or mix them.
• Missloting
Xagashi: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/3766
Ghiddi: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/55534
Beta Team: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/57690
White Flame of N3bulax: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/60648
Japanese NinjaKages: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/56212

They use misslot ninjas to increase their teams to create a disruption in the enemies lineup for example: Ghiddi uses a Nidaime in his 2nd Jounin Slot to have a strong ninja defeat the enemies ninja’s which usually can take out 1-2 ninjas if leveled and placed correctly. Then after he uses Hidan Kage’s Immunity to decrease the enemies attack dramatically. Summons some people use when missloting are: Katsuyu and Lesser Kyuubi: Katsuyu to provide Immunity and Ninjutsu to help boost the ninja’s attack and effectiveness. Lesser Kyuubi is used because it provides increased Stamina to help misslot the ninja’s usually when missloting the ninja’s stamina needs to be at least 200.

Manda style


The Teletubbies: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/7278
Kodai Senshi: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/27641
BW Venom: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/46523
Dark Legend: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/128939
Kloesmeisterz: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/113188

There are very few Manda teams in the top ranks for one reason. Manda setups take a lot of planning to level and to be used effectively. Manda is very annoying at low levels and sometimes extremely hard to level at mid-levels. The reason why Manda is so popular is because of the baiting effect it has due to its – Resist and – Stamina Effect. The more levels you gain the better the bait, also Manda can make your team ineffective against elements which is a good thing because u can attract hundreds of challenges with the right elements like Aenonar was doing to get more exp (Making his entire team the water element.)

Exp Gatherers:

Team Fuuton-Rasengan: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/10042
Team monolit3: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/82981
Valkyrie of Death: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/11661
Basically the whole point of this is nothing, all these Exp Gatherers do is only challenge people the can beat but in the end get high team exp, but very weak ninjas, also high leveled summon but can sometimes be beaten by teams that have a lower rank then themselves.

Immunity Campers:

Sparhawk: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/3296
Team Virtue: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/23925
Panicpul: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/69748
Hirsch: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/89182
Voody: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/70744
xx22xx: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/93871

These teams are very useful because they have a lot of immunity which can negate a lot of the enemies attacks, mostly the teams listed above that have finished Impossible because they have a wide range of Legendary weapons that prove + Tai/Nin Immunity. These teams are all legit contenders for the Kage titles if not are Kage already, they all contain at least 1 Hidan and Katsuyu, Hidan is popular due to his 800 because 33 Immunity stacked with 2 other LWs could boost him to at least 80-90 Taijutsu Immunity which can almost negate 8/10 of the enemies taijutsu and also katsuyu which negates almost 7/10 of the enemies ninjutsu as high as they were leveled by those teams.

Critical Campers:

Team Kimidori: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/20408
There are not many of these teams around because others do not know the potential of this, but Critical teams will soon later be a contender for Kage too due to it having increase Critical Damage having pierced through the Immunity these teams have this potential because they can overcome immunity campers if built right.

Reroll Campers:

Team ethonmax: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/51197
Best Sand Team: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/53272

There are also not many of these teams because they are not great viable options to camping due to the uncertainty of the hit’s from the ninja’s and not being able to know if the ninjas roll good or bad not useful for clan wars unless for progression, also not good for camping either.

Bronze Campers:

Persona 666: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/74305
The Gotei 13: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/70390
Newbee Ninjas: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/14227

These teams are created for 1 purpose, that is to be useful in clan wars for a low costing point usage, this is effective because the teams I have listed are strong enough to defeat some current, Red Foxes and Gold Stars and even some Purple Foxes.

Gold Star Campers:

Tuyul: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/135130
Aseek: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/61442
Dead Zone: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/100067
Dark Assasin: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/106919
BW Niken-Tobi-go: http://www.ninjamanager.com/teams/84986

These teams are created for 1 purpose, that is to be useful in clan wars for a low costing point usage, this is effective because the teams I have listed are strong enough to defeat some current, Red Foxes and even some Purple Foxes.

*Note some of the teams here could be mixes of the others for example: Sparhawk is like a mix of Missolting/ Immunity

3. Best Summons to use:

Usually the best summons to use during the camping phase are:

Katsuyu – Due to her amazing stat’s +5 Nin + 1 Nin Immunity, she is very popular because she gives attack but also gives a counter to other teams as well.

Manda – Due to his negative effects on the ninjas -2 Res and Stamina, this brings in challenges which make Manda easier to level; it is popular because teams can elementally nuke the opponent.

Nin-Kame – He is effective for Bronze Medal or Gold Medal camping because he gives attack and Immunity just like Katsuyu except for a lower chakra cost, this makes him effective for bronze medals because you don’t have a lot of chakra when you’re bronze and camping.

Hachibi/Drilled Beaked Bird – Are also useful for camping because it’s good for Low Seal Crit Teams because they add damage making it even more effective on other opponents, also makes the ninjas on the team hit higher if they are LS Tai based.

Lesser Kyuubi – A useful summon, but only useful for missloting ninjas or wanting to elementally nuke your opponents, also adds attack but isn’t worth it if you don’t have a good set-up costs too much chakra for its effects.

4. Constructing your team.

When constructing your camp team you must think about what Forbidden Ninja or Ninjas you have for example if you have Tsunade FNG you should make a Hybrid or HS Immunity Camp team. If you have Itachi FNG you should usually make Hybrid because Low Seal Camping is not very smart. If you got Kiba or Chouji FNG you could usually make a LS Crit Team or Immunity Team. Then you must think about what other ninjas you will use, if you want a Crit Team, Immunity Team, or a Manda Team. Then you must think about this what rank you want to camp on you can usually decide this if you in a clan, if not you would usually camp on Purple Fox for the max amount of chakra.
5. Hunting Legendary Weapons

I will list the LWs under each of the categories below and the difficulty they can be found on.

Immunity Legendary Weapons for (Katsuyu Teams/Immunity Teams):

Moonstone Armor – Beginner
Dragonbone – Easy
Valkyrian – Beginner
Dragon Shield – Hard
Aegis Armor – Impossible
Sword Fish Armor – Medium
Skull Rod – Hard
Tortioise Mail – Extreme
Dragon Whiskers – Hard
Terriblade – Beginner

Missloting Legendary Weapons:

Moonstone Armor – Beginner
Genji Armor – Hard
Revive Armor – Extreme
Recovery Blade – Easy
Griffith Helm - Medium
Luna Sword – Beginner
Vampire Claw – Beginner
Dragon Shield – Hard
Aegis Armor – Impossible
Nagrarok – Beginner
Shadow Blade – Beginner

Attack Legendary Weapons(For Manda Teams):

Zangetsu – Hard
Chaos Blade – Hard
Hexa Sword – Medium
Soul Blade – Impossible
Daedalus Lance – Medium
Psionic Blade – Extreme
Blood Sword – Beginner
Cosmic Blade – Hard
Levantine – Impossible
Atomos Blade – Medium
Zweihandler – Beginner
Murasame – Easy
Mace of Zeus – Impossible
Immortal Blade – Extreme
Demon Hit – Extreme
Masamune – Impossible
Dragon Whisker – Hard
Muramusa – Hard
Mjolnir – Hard
Ragnarok – Impossible

Critical Legendary Weapons:

Psionic Blade – Extreme
Fury Fist – Beginner
Angel Slayer – Impossible
Neo Fang – Extreme
Wonder Sword - Extreme
Durandal – Beginner
Eskendal - Beginner

Written By yours Truly :) Hope you enjoy it if you find any errors please contact me :)
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PostSubject: Re: Complete Guide for a Camper!   Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:37 pm

great guide hit u rox Smile


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Complete Guide for a Camper!
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