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  How To Play

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PostSubject: How To Play   Fri May 13, 2011 5:05 am

This is Aexon's game MAFIA I'mmodifdying it and using it to play some rp it seems fun.

Quote :
The game is very easy, you join a party and read the rp and you get into a list later on the mod will pm in nm forums what your role is, you can be a Shinigami, Hollow, Vizard, or normal townfolk. each day you get to chose lynch a possible Hollow. when you receive the pm for example you are a hollow you must keep quiet and not tell anyone! if you tell your disqualify. only hollows can team up to destroy the town. the game will last for as long as all the renaming people stay alive. of course if you want to stay alive you have to read what others say. is rp so you have to play like You are not part of any organization like rukia would act like a student.
you as a vizard townfolk or shinigame have to kill the hollows. but your not allowed to tell who is who. like if you are a hollow you try to lynch an innocent person.
so every day you have to lynch a person you think is the hollow.
if that person is not then the hollows might take over Who knows how many Hollows are unleashed in the city :P





1. Votes and unvotes must be in bold and colored yellow in order to be counted. Unvoting before casting a new vote is not necessary, but a good habit nonetheless.

2. Lynches always require a majority of votes (I.E. This means 4 votes are required for a lynch when 6 people are still alive). After a lynch has been reached, votes or unvotes are no longer counted.

3. You may vote No Lynch. (e.g. Vote No Lynch) If a majority votes No Lynch, the day will end without a lynch.

4. If days take too long, the mod may impose a deadline. If no majority of votes has been reached by the deadline, whoever has most votes at that time will be lynched. In case of a tie or in case No Lynch has most votes, the day will end without a lynch.

5. After your death scene has been posted, you may no longer post. If you can't resist the urge, you may post exactly one very short post saying nothing more than "bah".

6. You're not allowed to quote personal messages from the Narrator. Communication with the mod is not to be used as part of the gameplay. Pretending to quote the mod is punishable too.

7. You're not allowed to edit your posts, unless that post is the last post in the topic. I will be comparing the time the post was last edited and the time the next post was made to check if this rule is being honoured.

8. It's forbidden to discuss the game outside of the thread, unless specifically stated by your role.

9. The thread is only used to discuss the GAME ITSELF. PM me any questions you have.


I was just killed. Can I tell everyone what I know now?
No! Never reveal information after you are dead. Just watch the game, and wait for it to end.

Can I post emails/messages from the Game Moderator to prove my innocence?
No! Never quote emails or private messages without explicit permission from the Game Moderator. In most games, it is allowed (and encouraged) to reveal your role at certain points in the game (for example, if you are a Cop and have found the last Mafia, you can reveal your role to get that player lynched). However, you may not actually quote anything from the GameModerator; even though it could easily be faked, the point of the game is to prove yourself through your actions and voting, not through outside information.

Can I post information during the night?
No, it is against the rules in almost all games to post information during the night. Most Moderators will lock the thread at Night to avoid accidents.

I feel the Game Moderator was unfair in a decision. What should I do?
Never question the Game Moderator in the thread if the decision has anything to do with something that shouldn't be known to the Town. However, feel free to contact the Moderator about it. Keep in mind that moderating can be a lot of work, and if you are griping about something that is completely within the rules of the game, you will probably just annoy the Moderator.

I'm in the Mafia, but I really don't like my family/being a criminal. Can I just get them all lynched?
Technically, this is perfectly possible. However, the goal of the Mafia family is to kill all non-mafia players. Getting your own allies lynched as a joke or because you don't like them is against the spirit of the game, and will likely earn you the lasting distrust of other players. However attacking your partners is a legitimate (and common) tactic, but it should be done strategically, not spitefully (see below).

Someone in my family just voted for me! What should I do?
One of the common Mafia strategies is to have some of the family voting against each other, so that if one member gets lynched, the others will look more innocent. This is a natural part of the game, and is sometimes called distancing or bussing.

Can I talk to someone at night or outside of the thread?
It is generally against the rules to discuss anything with anyone at night unless you are in the Mafia or a Mason lodge. It is also usually against the rules to contact someone during the day privately. Check with the Moderator's posted rules, or ask him or her directly by private message or e-mail.

We just started the game and, after Day 1 ended, two people posted during Nightmode. The moderator gave these people a pass. What is the proper response?
Ideally, the moderator would use these people as an example and exile them immediately. If that is not a feasible option due to number of players, then the game should be reset with the understanding that any further similar behavior will result in exile of the players that committed the offense. If the moderator is set on their decision, then make your objection known and either quit or accept that you are in a game with a generous moderator. Keep that in mind when considering joining games with this moderator in the future.
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How To Play
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