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Ghost In a Shell
Ghost In a Shell

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mucho Gusto

PostSubject: Post important INFO   Mon May 10, 2010 6:19 pm

PWANTO talking
page forum link

Quote :
Originally Posted by Sukhdev
Well I don't think it will be that hard really.. By completing Impossible you will have unlocked 6 FNS. The 3 genins and 2 jounins will be stronger than Kodais in terms of growth and won't need as high level to catch up.
The big advantage of camping is not the raw level or power of the ninjas, at the very end, what matters more is the summon strength. I, for one, have close to 20k exp on my summon, and the summon in second place, on the rank has 5k less exp than my summon. That head start is just vital for the advantage of campers.

Quote :
At hard+ you will unlocked great and I mean really GREAT LWs that makes pretty much all beginner LWs look like a 50 ryo item.
If you're coming back from hard that means you have only 4 LWs from the start, which usually follow this pattern: Luna Sword, Mura, "random FNJ drop", TE (or another FNJ drop). That means that the start LW advantage you have over a beginner camper is 2 FNJ drops, and Mura, which is a cool LW, but not close to what other FNJ drops are. So, you'll need to hunt all other FNJ drops, a bunch of half-useful FNG drops, and maybe some other LWs around the map, while a beginner camper usually have them all, including "advanced beginner LWs" (read: Baha Fang, Kyuubi drops, Death Hand).

You will end up in the need of hunt all those LWs listed, while a camper just finished the hunt (or is just finishing the collection), and is wasting his WE to get exp, at WM missions.

Quote :
If you look at Sparhawks team, his Hidan kage with the great LWs from hard+ has 83% tai immunity and 47% nin immunity when counting in his Katsuyu and he has 107 stamina.

His kage alone, thanks to the LWs from higher difficulties can most certainly kill the 3 genins and probably the 1st jounin aswell.
Excuse me, do you want a kage to kill 3 genins and the 1st jounin, misloted on genin slot, with 107 stamina ?

Quote :
Since Kodai Senshi is using Manda most of his ninjas have very low res and can be countered by elem adv.

You would be amazed with the amount of resist that a Manda ninja can have, even at high levels (mine is 45 at this moment, which means static -90 res), mainly if said Manda team has access to kage items, while the other team does not have access to kage items. Kage Wand is a jewel for that purpose, and the lack of it restrict a lot the other options.

Quote :
Looking at this I would say that it won't be too long until the hard working progressers will be sitting on the top Smile

This just depends on how much time do you consider a long time.


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Ghost In a Shell
Ghost In a Shell

Points : 1094
Posts : 489
mucho Gusto

PostSubject: comversation with wied teamish   Sat May 22, 2010 7:44 am

darklegnd (03:27:22 AM): what lv was ur manda?
teamish (03:27:28 AM): 23
darklegnd (03:27:38 AM): ic and ur team ninjas?
teamish (03:27:51 AM): between 55-53
darklegnd (03:28:09 AM): thats crazy that u reseted hope u become stronger that u were!
teamish (03:28:26 AM): i had it for clan wars, since they were gonna be active in OCTOBRE.....
teamish (03:28:35 AM): so no news since then
darklegnd (03:28:44 AM): wha clan u in?
teamish (03:28:49 AM): i got bored and hunted those 2 LWs
teamish (03:28:54 AM): facepalm ^^
darklegnd (03:29:13 AM): lol
darklegnd (03:29:49 AM): how much if u had to get the first 0.01
darklegnd (03:29:54 AM): IF*
teamish (03:29:58 AM): 1000
darklegnd (03:30:06 AM): lol noway
teamish (03:30:15 AM): actually got zodiac twice before getting apoc xD
darklegnd (03:30:44 AM): i have only 585 u used a summon also?
darklegnd (03:30:55 AM): thats is amazing man!
teamish (03:31:16 AM): yup
teamish (03:31:18 AM): team was
teamish (03:31:23 AM): for hunting those
teamish (03:31:37 AM): 2 FNg+kontrio+beast+nindogs
teamish (03:31:47 AM): couple of if lws
darklegnd (03:31:51 AM): nice setup
teamish (03:31:52 AM): kage cape
teamish (03:32:07 AM): and that makes the 1000
darklegnd (03:32:33 AM): what level was the dogsummon?
darklegnd (03:32:36 AM): lv 15?
teamish (03:32:45 AM): bit more maybe
teamish (03:32:49 AM): cant remember exactly
darklegnd (03:33:28 AM): imhunting for blood sword
darklegnd (03:33:37 AM): dont know if i go to blood first
teamish (03:33:40 AM): +kage cape+mullvad+arch sword (and maybe something else wich i dont remember right now) xD
teamish (03:34:08 AM): blood sword aint bad, good for baiting
darklegnd (03:34:09 AM): that is actually cray
darklegnd (03:34:14 AM): crazy*
teamish (03:34:18 AM): zweihander is a nice choice for manda teams
darklegnd (03:34:27 AM): yea i cnat get it..
teamish (03:34:52 AM): didnt beat the hard naruto mission....
teamish (03:34:56 AM): bad boy
darklegnd (03:35:38 AM): lol
teamish (03:35:44 AM): oh my
teamish (03:35:48 AM): just noticed
teamish (03:35:53 AM): a lvl 27 manda!!!
teamish (03:35:54 AM): xD
teamish (03:35:57 AM): awesome
darklegnd (03:36:05 AM): lol :P
darklegnd (03:36:16 AM): its 28 now
teamish (03:36:17 AM): what about luna???
teamish (03:36:24 AM): wont u hunt it???
darklegnd (03:36:30 AM): should i hunt for luna or blood
teamish (03:36:50 AM): luna ofc xD
teamish (03:36:59 AM): great for kage
darklegnd (03:37:03 AM): kk :P yea luna complement my team
darklegnd (03:37:08 AM):  attck and inmunities
teamish (03:37:20 AM): its great that u have low stam for baiting
darklegnd (03:37:29 AM): yea hopefully will get a strong tobi
teamish (03:37:31 AM): but its vital to high a decent stam kage
darklegnd (03:37:34 AM): its my fav char
teamish (03:37:40 AM): :)
darklegnd (03:38:14 AM): ur a crazy item hunter!
teamish (03:38:19 AM): xD
teamish (03:38:27 AM): its my favourite part
teamish (03:38:47 AM): actually the wierd teamish had a collection that even Lunar2 didnt have
darklegnd (03:38:48 AM): hope someday that i f i get that lw to get apocalypsis andnot the other one:P
teamish (03:39:05 AM): zodiac is absolutely awesome for WM
darklegnd (03:39:07 AM): yea i belive u
teamish (03:39:10 AM): not for arena
teamish (03:39:26 AM): just coz of it EA and item find
darklegnd (03:39:34 AM): yea like what happnes with mana
teamish (03:39:43 AM): zodiac+vitamine destroys everything
darklegnd (03:40:05 AM): haha u going for impposible?
darklegnd (03:40:14 AM): u could also do hard 2 times
darklegnd (03:40:24 AM):  and get all fbut the kage
teamish (03:40:27 AM): craziest combination of all game: zodiac+god hand+ shinkages wand
darklegnd (03:40:30 AM): FN*
darklegnd (03:40:45 AM): yea!
teamish (03:40:54 AM): mmmm still dont know
darklegnd (03:40:54 AM): does it work for arena?
teamish (03:41:03 AM): its brutal
teamish (03:41:10 AM): giving u 400 EA
teamish (03:41:27 AM): thats like 650 damage without counting the damage u make urself
darklegnd (03:41:30 AM): but it doenst work with manda right?
teamish (03:41:39 AM): easily 1200 damage
teamish (03:42:09 AM): with your manda that would be 1500-1700 per hit on a 40 resist guy
teamish (03:42:18 AM): :P
darklegnd (03:42:31 AM): omg!
teamish (03:42:50 AM): thats why i always got the high damage on ladder Smile
teamish (03:43:01 AM): (and didnt have god hand)
teamish (03:43:13 AM): (changed for mana sword)
we also talked about progression
and that his dream team would be

2FNG 1FNJ-Kage FNK FNK summon


Proud Clan Dark Side Leader!
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Post important INFO
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