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 My camp team?

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PostSubject: My camp team?   Mon May 24, 2010 1:38 pm

Hey all , I was wondering about my camp team...and I came up with this :

Genins :
FN Lee
FN Kimi
FN Tsunade

Jounins :
Hidan ( Kage )
Tsunade ( Kage )

Kage :

Summon :
Lesser Kyuubi.

Any changes? And I want 3 kages...so dont suggest something with a jounin

Thx! Crying or Very sad
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Ghost In a Shell

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mucho Gusto

PostSubject: Re: My camp team?   Mon May 24, 2010 5:47 pm

danzou with moonstone and valkarian plus anbu skill
ftw kage

will hold it self pretty good with summon attck up

30+10 +15= 55 nin inmunity
15+10= 25 tai inmunity

hidan kage high tai inmunity

can be changed possitions if need to beat naruto beast,

good strategy vs SD teams

solid Fns and good Growth if u use good LWs

so far i think this is the best Team idea u have had since iknow you.

this team can also deal hige damage once you learn how to control it
with high elemental advantage weps, and positions.

wich i belive will be the meta game once more FNKs come.

alot of tricks this team can do Smile

and can be a solid beast with high leveled summon.


teams to check




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My camp team?
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